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Serena Williams vs Naomi Osaka or Nike vs Adidas in US Open

The battle for the U.S. Open Championship in Tennis has never been so controversial. The frustration and tension within the match with points added for misconduct went well beyond the norm. One would have to think is it coincidence, or an attack on corporate sponsorship influencing an international tournament?

Serena Williams has won many times over so much that her opponent wrote a paper on her in the 3rd grade. Serena was her idol and she aspired to be like her one day.

Serena will return stronger than ever and show again why she's the best to ever do it.

Naomi Osaka is a 2o year old Haitian/Japnese professional tennis player representing Japan. She played an exceptional game and has great focus for her age. In the midst of confusion and confrontation she maintained her composure to bring home the victory against Serena. The final score was a slam serve from the 2o year old that Serena could not hit due to lack of focus and Osaka receiving a game from Umpire.

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