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New King of R&B? Good for the Culture? R&B Conversation Again

Up and coming R&B Singer Jacquees has shaken the Internet with a bold statement made last month. He proclaimed that he was the new "King of R&B". I don't think he expected the kind of backlash that the statement received, but it got the attention of many R&B Stars.

Many Artists chimed in and who they thought were the King(s) and it began a conversation about R&B again. That is the bright side, the conversation about R&B.

As a new Artist you should think highly of yourself but try not to get to carried away.

It can become somewhat disrespectful to all the ones that paved the way for younger Artist to do what they do successfully.

He specifically said "for his age" but when you mention King many people see it as a broad thing. The conversation is a good thing and gives the light to many aspiring Artist as Tank mentioned in the Interview.

This year we will see a lot of new R&B Artist emerge to plant their stake in the conversation. Leave comment and follow page for more updates.

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